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Horten 229 Reconstruction Project



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Horton Ho 229 V3 Specifications (Original):

Type: Fighter/Bomber

Manufacturer: Gothaer Waggonfabrik

Designed by: Horten brothers

Crew: 1

First flight: March 1, 1944

Number built: 3

Powerplant: Model: Junkers Jumo 004 B-2
Type:                 Turbojet
Number:          2
Thrust:             900kg / (1,983 lb) each


Length:             7.465 m (24 ft 6 in)
Wingspan:       16.8 m (55 ft 1-3/8 in)
Height:              2.81 m (9 ft 2-3/4 in)
Wing area:       53 m² (570.5 ft²)


              5,067 kg (11,170 lb)
Loaded:             6,912 kg (15,238 lb)
Max takeoff:   8,999 kg (19,840 lb)


Maximum speed:

Sea Level:                                                         949 km/h  (590 mph)

12 Km (39,372 ft):                                       Mach 0.92, 977 km/h (607 mph)
Cruise speed at 10km: (32,810 ft):  632 km/h (393 mph)

Combat radius:                                            1,000 km (620 mi)
Flight Duration:                                          4.5 Hours
Ferry range:                                                   1,900 km (1,180 mi)
Service ceiling:                                            15,800 m (52,000 ft)
Rate of climb:                                                1,311 m/min (4,301 ft/min)
Wing loading:                                                137.7 kg/m² (28.2 lb/ft²)
Thrust/weight:                                            0.26
Landing speed:                                             156 km/h (97 mph)
Armament:                                                     None

Horton Ho 229 Variants:

Horton Development:

H.IX V1 - First prototype, non-powered glider, one built and flown.

H.IX V2 - First powered prototype, one built and flown with twin Junkers Jumo 004B engines. First flight at Oranienburg in January 1945. Gear retraction achieved by early March with top speeds reaching 497mph (800kph). Aircraft lost in landing accident after losing an engine on approach.

H.IXb - (also designated V6 and V7 by the Hortens). Projected two-seat trainer or night-fighter; not built.

Gotha Developments:

Ho 229 V3 - Revised air intakes, engines moved forward to correct longitudinal imbalance. Its nearly completed airframe was captured in production, with two Junkers Jumo 004B jet engines installed in the airframe, and shipped to the United States. Currently stored by National Air & Space Museum.

Ho 229 V4 - planned two seat all weather fighter, in construction at Friedrichroda, but not much more than the tubular framework completed.

Ho 229 V5 - planned two seat all weather fighter, in construction at Friedrichroda, but not much more than the tubular framework completed.

Ho 229 V6 - Projected definitive single-seat fighter version with different cannon, mock-up in production at Ilmenau.

Ho 229 A-0 - Projected expedited production version based on Ho 229 V6; not built.

Engines: Jumo 004 vs. the J-85.

V1 - V3 Galleries.

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