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Horten 229 Reconstruction Project

Frequently Asked Questions​ - Page 2

Who can buy this aircraft? -  Anyone except OFAC list participants. In other words, if you happen to be in North Korea, Zimbabwe or Sudan then we might have a problem selling this aircraft to you. If you want it, make sure to check in advance with US Dept. of Treasury on trade restricted countries.


What do you expect to sell it for? - We will let bidders to come up with the right price.


How are you going to sell it? - That will depend on the project funding participation. If you fund this project at or above specifically predetermined level then you will have a right to participate in a silent auction for this aircraft before we offer it to the public.

We will host an online auction to those specific few and you will be competing against much smaller pool of bidders excluding the general crowd. The silent auction will last 30 days and it will be by invitation only. During auction only the invited parties will be able to place bids, everybody else can only watch from the side. Whoever gets to the reasonable price first will be the winner of this aircraft.

To learn more about silent auctions please visit

How are you going to determine the "reasonable" winning price for the initial silent auction? - That is not be an easy task since there are no benchmarks to compare with. The aircraft is very unique and we haven't seen one for sale anywhere else. The winning bid will be somewhere between the project funding cost and an amount which will be much lower than at what we would want to sell this aircraft to the general public. That is an additional incentive we are giving to those who are looking to back our project.


When are you planning the initial silent auction? - Initial silent auction will begin once we complete all flight tests of the aircraft. The exact day will be announced in advance.


What if you can not sell it via silent auction? - If we can not sell via silent auction then the aircraft will be available for bids to general public.

Are you planning to feature this aircraft in air-shows? - We might, our main goal is to fly (and film) it for at least 30 hours while testing its capabilities, perhaps more if we manage to raise enough money to cover flight expenses.

Are you planning to feature this aircraft in any museums? - We might, this will be discussed once we are done with tests.

Will it be flown regularly or placed on exhibition? - Once completed, we budget at least 30hrs of flight time for testing purposes. There will be no rush to fly whole 30 hours in one week or even in 1 month because quality tests require quality time. After test flights it might spend some time at various locations (until it is sold) if we are reimbursed for expenses for the round trips.

Do you need a test pilot? - We might consider if you have an extensive jet & glider experience, please forward your resume but keep in mind, test flights will occur in 12 to 18 months if this project is funded.

Do you need an A&P mechanic? - Yes, check "employment" section for details.

Do you need a CAD drafter? - we already have a F/T technical drafter, however, if you are looking for an internship, please forward your resume for our consideration.

I want to help with whatever I can, do you need an intern? - We might, check "employment" section for the available internships.

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Yes, You Can Advertise On Our Aircraft!

If you or your company are interested in the commercial aspects of this project, visit Commercial section for more information.




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