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Horten 229 Reconstruction Project

Frequently Asked Questions​ - Page 3

We want to be an official sponsors / Can I place my logo on Ho 229 aircraft or this website? -  Yes, check "Commercial" section for details.


Why are you making a movie of this project? - We would like to document our efforts used in this project. In addition, we believe that it will be very interesting for others to see how this aircraft was re-created and tested.


Are you planning to do any combat / dog fight simulation with any other jet aircrafts like L-29/L39, etc...? - No, those aircrafts were not produced during World War II. We might consider testing it against Me 262 (Hello Stormbirds 262 Project) but this to be discussed, arranged and highly unlikely to occur. We will keep our hopes high.

I (we / our group/etc...) would like to join as a partner, are you interested? - Unfortunately not, partnership tend to make projects more convoluted due to various life matters and dependencies. We want to build this project in a speedy manner without interruptions. Partnership require extensive planning, perhaps next time.


Will this aircraft bear "Hakenkreuz" a.k.a. Swastika? - This aircraft will not bear swastika signs because German standards during World War II permitted swastika placement only on the vertical surfaces of the aircraft. Since this aircraft does not have any vertical surfaces, swastika will be omitted. This of course brings the next question, why does Horten V3 at NASM has 2 swastikas on its tail?


There are various speculation running wild. Some believe that it was slapped on the aircraft after the US capture, however the real answer is still unknown. It might be true and perhaps this was done to make Ho 229 a bit more dramatic on the photos. Here are some photos to back this theory:

Horten 229-V3 removed from the US carrier - No swastika is visible anywhere

Horten 229 in the NASM storage - Swastika miraculously appeared:

We are magazine, newspaper, publication, etc.. and we would like to interview you / visit your LIC production place. Is it possible to arrange? - Sure, feel free to contact us to arrange it!

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Yes, You Can Advertise On Our Aircraft!

If you or your company are interested in the commercial aspects of this project, visit Commercial section for more information.




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