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Horten 229 Reconstruction Project

Engine Comparison: Junkers Jumo 004 B-2 vs. GE CJ610

Engines Info:

Junkers Jumo 004 B-2​​

General Electric CJ610​​​​​

The Junkers Jumo 004 was temperamental and failure-prone powerplant. Engine life was only between 10 and 25 hours with a regular compressor failures as a bonus.

This engine was rather heavy, producing about 1,980 lbs. of thrust and weighed about 1,800 lbs.  Because of this, the engines were not extraordinarily effective at low airspeeds or altitudes or at reduced power settings.


Jumo engines burn 1.39 pounds of fuel per pound of thrust per hour. 

The General Electric J-85/CJ-610 series turbojet engine is a benchmark in the advancement of pure jet technology.

Today, there are over 560 CJ610-powered aircraft in operation around the world, with an experience base of over 16.5 million service hours.

Each J-85 produces 2,850 lbs. of thrust, yet weighs 400 lbs.  In simpler terms, these engines offer nearly twice the power for less a quarter of the Jumo's weight.

The J-85 has a Specific Fuel Consumption value of .99, meaning that it will burn slightly less than one pound of fuel per pound of thrust per hour. When compared to the Jumo, the J-85 is 28.7% (approximately 30%) more efficient.

Specifications: Junkers Jumo 004 B-2

General characteristics

Type: Non-afterburner turbojet

Length:            3,860 mm / 152"
Diameter:       810 mm / 32"
Dry weight:   719 Kg / 1585 Lb


Maximum thrust:                     897.35 kgf (8.8 kN; 1,980 lbf) at 8,700 rpm
Specific fuel consumption:   0.139 kg/(N•hr) 
Thrust-to-weight ratio:          1.25 (12.2 N/kg)

Specifications: General Electric CJ610

General characteristics

Type: turbojet

Length:            1,300 mm / 51.1"
Diameter:       450 mm / 17.7"
Dry weight:   191 Kg / 421 Lb


Maximum thrust:                       2,850 - 3,100 lbf (12.7 - 13.8 kN) at sea level
Specific fuel consumption:     0.96 - 0.97 lb/(lbf•h) ( 27 g/kN•s )
Thrust-to-weight ratio:           
7-8 : 1



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