Horten 229 Reconstruction Project

Parts Wanted:

Got Turbojet?


We are looking for 2 airworthy CJ610-8(A) or -9 variants.

Jet engines should have approximately 1/2 time & 1/2 cycles remaining, with all logs on life limits for stationary & rotating components (life / current / remaining), and with relatively fresh hot section & corrosion inspections.

We might consider 2 GE J85 (v5 or above) with afterburners removed and in a good condition.

Please keep in mind, we are not looking to purchase a "fixable" jet engine. We want to move fast on this project so we are looking for a ready-to-go turbojet that can be immediately bench tested and then installed into the airframe.

If you have 2 engines available please contact us with details and pricing.



Additional equipment required will be posted here once this project is funded. If you have airworthy equipment related to service & maintenance of GE CJ610s & want to be our supplier, please forward your inventory/price list and contact info.



Yes, You Can Advertise On Our Aircraft!

If you or your company are interested in the commercial aspects of this project, visit Commercial section for more information.




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