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Horten 229 Reconstruction Project


- All financial aspects and general administration of Horten 229 project

1998 - present:                     14 years of accounting experience, out of which last 8+ years at 2 major European banks

02/2006 - present:           Founder & president of N/Loyko Art School located in Brooklyn, NY   /  Aviation aficionado

Timour Maslennikov

- CAD & Technical Drawing

2007 - present:                      5 years of engineering & CAD experience at various firms.

3D modeling, CAD/Solidworks, Rapid Prototyping

Brian Neuman

- Aviation Consultant

  • Professor from Moscow Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI)
  • Worked in a closed "box", researched and developed wide aspects of military technology
  • TsAGI Publications

Old school Phd with a classified background

Georgui Aksentian, PHD

- Production team, 5,000 sq/ft of production space, tech consulting & industrial machinery

20+ years in metal production / restoration business

Can execute any type of metal project for automotive or aviation needs. Extensive experience building custom frames for motorcycles, cars, buggies, go-carts, pleasure boats and various experimental aircrafts.

- Production of Ho 229 documentary

Been filming and editing before receiving an elementary school diploma. Supernatural understanding of cameras and phenomenal ability to point them in the right directions. Born holding the camera.

- Production support staff

6 A&P Mechanics:                                  - Final assembly & support of the aircraft at the hangar

A&P Inters:                                                 - Will work under direction of A&P mechanics

German-English Translator(s)    - Will handle translation of related historical documents




Yes, You Can Advertise On Our Aircraft!

If you or your company are interested in the commercial aspects of this project, visit Commercial section for more information.




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