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Horten 229 Reconstruction Project

Our Goals:

The main idea is to rebuild Horten 229-V3 fighter from the modern materials such as aircraft grade aluminum alloys, and vacuum molded carbon fiber reinforced polymer using the original production approved drawings. The aircraft will be powered by two General Electric CJ610 jet engines which are a non-afterburner turbojet engine derived from the military J85s.

Upon completion we are planning to certify it under Experimental category. Once certified we will perform numerous flight tests in order to check aircrafts performance and handling capabilities.

Parallel to the manufacturing and testing processes, we are also planning to create a documentary film on production and flight tests. Once we are done, this documentary will be available to general public.

What we are not looking for:

We are not planning to rebuild stealth capabilities of this airplane. Stealth technologies are outside of our scope. In addition, current FAA rules prohibit operating aircraft without transponder, therefore rendering any stealth technology implemented useless. Bottom line, we want to be very visible to all aircraft traffic and radar operators, so all FAA rules apply.

We are not planning to test this aircraft above supersonic speeds. Because of the significant weight reduction and better than the original engine performance this aircraft will be lighter, stronger and much more powerful, however Ho 229 was not designed to go supersonic in the first place. Attempting to do so will jeopardize aircraft, pilot and people below.

Current status:

A great deal of preliminary legwork is already been done so at this moment we are in the process of raising money to fund this project. If you would like to be part of this project please visit our "commercial" section or contact us directly.



Yes, You Can Advertise On Our Aircraft!

If you or your company are interested in the commercial aspects of this project, visit Commercial section for more information.




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