Horten 229 Reconstruction Project

Links & Credits - Page 2:

AndyMoore     .| Home Page |.  - Fantastic digital art - Ho 229 theme

Additional Resources Used To Create This Site:

3D4D     .| Home Page |.  - Artistic rendering of Ho 229  airplane over the clouds

National Geographic Channel     .| Home Page |.  - Original project supported by Northrop Grumman to investigate Ho 229 radar signature

BACM RESEARCH     .| Home Page |.  - Interesting perspective on American & British intelligence documents gathered on Horten Ho 229 Hitler's Stealth Fighter/Bomber & other Horten aircraft (PDF file)

Luftwaffe Archives     .| Home Page |.  - Interesting historical photos and specs of early airplanes by Horten brothers.  (http://www.luftarchiv.de -> Sailplanes -> Horten)

Wilkinson, B.Sc.D.I.C.     .| Home Page |.  - Early technical intelligence reports - 18 April 1946 - The Horten tailless aircraft

THE WING IS THE THING     .| Home Page |.  - Great tailless aircraft configuration portal loaded with information

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